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Use our FAQ database to get a better understanding of our products features.


Does it come with a tabletop?

No, we provide the Rockless Table base which easily attaches to your current table top. Helps save on cost and allows you to maintain your overall brand and restaurant aesthetic.

What if I need to move the tables together for large groups?

No problem, simply twist the knob at the bottom of the base after moving the base to ensure the self-stabilization.

Does the base work with hydraulics or electronics?

Neither, Rockless Technology works with simple physics.  The legs of the base adjust without a hydraulic or electronic system.

What type of maintenance is required?

The table adjusts on it's own, so no maintenance or adjusting of the Rockless system is required.

Are there different heights and sizes?

Yes, Rockless Table comes in dining, bar and T-base designs. The specs for each can be found on our Products page

Do the bases come in other colors or can they be customized?

Yes, we can provide customized table bases at an additional cost. Contact us for a custom quote.

HOW LONG IS THE Rockless Table base warranty?

All of our Rockless Table bases come with a 4 year Limited Liability Warranty.

Can any table top fit on the Rockless Table base?

Yes, the Rockless Table base can hold table tops up to 100lbs. More detail on dimensions for table tops can be found on our Products page.

How do I clean the table bases?

In order to preserve the powder coat finish, it is recommended to clean the Rockless bases with fresh water only.

Foot Glides are not a Rockless Table part. They are standard pieces of plastic on the bottom of tables bases and can be purchased here: Table Gliders