Does the base work with hydraulics or electronics?

A: Neither, Rockless Technology works with simple physics.  The legs of the base adjust without a hydraulic or electronic system.

What type of maintenance is required?

A:  The table adjusts on it's own, so no maintenance or adjusting of the Rockless system is required. Occasional replacement of the nylon foot sliders may be required at a nominal cost.

Are there different heights and sizes?

A: Yes, Rockless Table comes in a variety of heights and sizes including bar height and double leg T-bases for larger tables.

Do they come in different colors?

A: Standard bases come in black but we can accommodate some custom orders for an additional charge.

HOW LONG IS THE Rockless Table base warranty?

A: All of our Rockless Table bases come with a 4 year Limited Liability Warranty.

Can any table top fit on the Rockless Table base?

A: Yes! Most table tops (up to 100lbs) will work seamlessly with the Rockless Tablebase.