Rockless Table is the solution to end the dreaded wobbly table no matter the industry.

No maintenance needed.


Rockless Table bases are the simplest solution to one of the biggest problems in the restaurant and hospitality industry: Wobbly Tables. Our Patented Pendulum Technology consists of two pieces of steel and a bolt. Each restaurant table base automatically adjusts to any surface up to 1/2 inch variation. 

With an industry best 4 year warranty, Rockless Table will improve your customers experience and allow your employees to do their jobs without the frustration of constantly fixing tables.

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Rockless Table is now in over 1,000 locations nationwide

What our Customers are saying

Panda Express (multiple locations)

Scene 75 Entertainment - Dublin, OH

The Sharkeez Group (multiple locations)

The Egg Works - Las Vegas, NV

The Strand House - Manhattan Beach, CA

Concrete Cowboy - Dallas, TX

Union Kitchen & Tap (multiple locations)

The Aberdeen Tap - Chicago, IL

The Waterfront - Venice Beach, CA

Boathouse on the Bay - Long Beach, CA

Dantannas - Atlanta, GA

900 Club - Manhattan Beach, CA

Cafe Tu Tu Tango - Orlando, FL

Duke's - Maui HI

1 800 LUCKY - Miami, FL

Coyo Taco - Coral Gables, FL

Strike and Reel - Garland, TX

Many more coming soon…


rockless table - self leveling table demonstration

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simple. effective. stable.