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Rockless Partner Spotlight - Taco Bamba

Founded in Falls Church, Va. in 2013 by Chef Victor Albisu, Taco Bamba is a wildly popular chain of taquerias that has developed a cult following for its counter-culture brand. Taco Bamba is known for offering a unique menu at each location tailored to its neighborhood. The company is run by a team of talented and committed chefs who create memorable experiences by delivering on the unexpected through generosity, flavor, and creativity.

Taco Bamba’s original store might come off as a simple taqueria—tucked into the corner of a strip mall, founder Victor Albisu says—but when customers walk in the doors, they are greeted with striking murals, a full-service cocktail bar, and a bold soundtrack of hip-hop and rock. The chef opened Taco Bamba in 2013 in Falls Church, Virginia. Prior to this, he had a fine-dining restaurant called Del Campo in Chinatown and had no plans to cross over into the takeout taqueria space. His mother, however, had been looking for a space for a taqueria for a long time. Her Latin market had a competing dollar store next door, and when the space went up for sale, she called Albisu to build a restaurant. 

The vision was to create a hole-in-the-wall concept with a spunk that supersedes the norm for a taqueria. Albisu’s fine-dining background elevates the experience through customized menus for each location, but the overall vibe is approachable. While staple dishes are served on every menu, each location has headliners exclusive to the local flavor profile.

With 16 locations in 4 states, Albisu believes the brand has potential to grow everywhere, although he enjoys finding “Taco Towns” and markets with an interest in having fun. He looks for a connection to the people and creative potential, which he says is hard to quantify. He can just intuitively feel it. 

“We want to be able to thrive where people will find us,” Albisu says. “We are a company very much in service of a product and guardians of it … We want to be something people can really relate to in their neighborhoods.” 

We at Rockless Table are beyond proud to support this incredible team with Rockless Table bases and we look forward to seeing their brand, locations and team continue to expand and thrive!

IG: @tacobamba

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