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Rockless Table joins forces with Twin Peaks

Rockless Partner Spotlight - Twin Peaks Restaurants

With 110 locations in 27 states and Mexico, Twin Peaks is so much more than your typical sports bar. Their lodge welcomes every guest with World Series walk offs and barrel-aged whiskey. The second you step inside, you’re surrounded by a lodge full of friendly and attentive Twin Peaks Girls serving up scratch food and signature 29° beers.
Twin Peaks never bunts when it comes to the menu. Whether it’s for lunch, happy hour or dinner, guests can expect made-from-scratch menu items capable of satisfying every appetite – even that of an axe man.
When someone steps inside a Twin Peaks, they’re immediately transported to an environment reminiscent of a comfortable cabin in the mountains. Even a first-time guest will feel the familiar warmth a lumberjack would expect walking into their local lodge.
With wall-to-wall TVs with sports from every angle, you can count on Twin Peaks to show every local rivalry and primetime matchup.
Twin Peaks Girls are the essential ingredient to the perfect lodge experience. They are the beautiful faces that represent the brand and the reason customers consistently come back for more. Equal parts friendly, engaging and attentive, the Twin Peaks Girls ensure every guest feels like a regular.

Address: 5151 Belt Line Rd. Suite 1200, 
Dallas, TX 75254
Phone Number: (972) 941-3150
IG: @twinpeaksrestaurants

Rockless Table Joins forces with Twin Peaks

Rockless Table, the pioneering industry leader in self-stabilizing table base solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Twin Peaks Restaurants, a well-established and rapidly expanding dining brand. The group is projecting to double its 100 location footprint in 5 years, while also surpassing $1B in sales. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies as they unite to enhance the dining experience for
patrons across the country.


You can learn more about this strategic partnership here.

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