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Rockless Spotlight - True Chesapeake Oyster Co. - Baltimore, MD

A restaurant group born of an oyster farm and longtime friendship between industry professionals Zack Mills (the Chef), Nick Shauman (the Shucker) and Patrick Hudson (the Farmer).

True Chesapeake Oyster Co. has been farming premium oysters in the beautiful brackish waters of St. Jerome Creek in Southern Maryland since 2010. Their farming practices are more than sustainable to the rich ecosystem of the Chesapeake Bay, they are restorative. It's no secret that marine life in the Chesapeake Bay has been in decline for generations, with over-harvesting and habitat loss largely to blame. The challenge is to find a way to continue to enjoy delicious and nutritious seafood without pushing wild fisheries even closer to the brink. By growing their own oysters, True Chesapeake Oyster Co not only provides a premium sustainable oyster, they also support the rich ecosystem of essential marine life, playing a small role in the fight to restore the Bay's ecosystem to its former glory.

True Chesapeake Oyster Co. was Maryland’s first oyster farm to have a fine dining restaurant. The team also operates two other locations: The Local Oyster, their casual raw bar and seafood joint, one in Baltimore’s Mount Vernon Marketplace and a two-story full service version in the Locust Point neighborhood. They aspire to create dining experiences showcasing their oysters, true to Maryland’s heritage, and celebrating the bounty of the region. Oysters aren’t all they do well, they also source locally, sustainably farmed and fished ingredients including seafood species like Maryland Blue Catfish and Snakehead. These species are invasive and harmful to local waters, so fishing helps rid them from harming the ecosystem of the Bay, and they’re delicious too!  

We, at Rockless Table are proud to support this team by ensuring they can focus on their important goals and never worry about wobbly tables. #rocklesspartner

Address: 3300 Clipper Mill Road | Baltimore, MD 21211
Phone Number: 410-913-6374
IG: @truechesapeake
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