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Rockless Table Debuts “Size Matters” Campaign at the Bar & Restaurant Expo

Las Vegas, NV (March 21, 2022) –  Rockless Table is exhibiting at the Bar & Restaurant Expo, formerly known as Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas, NV March 22 – 23rd, to showcase their “Size Matters” campaign. Rockless Table has revolutionized the hospitality industry making wobbly tables a thing of the past.  Rockless Table is a patented technology consisting of two pieces of steel and a bolt that is free of any maintenance, self-adjusts to any surface, and comes with an industry leading four year warranty.  Customers simply attach the base to any tabletop of their choosing which preserves the overall aesthetic and ambiance of the location. “It is crucial to choose the correct size base depending on length and width of the table top being attached,” said Rockless Table President Nick James. Rockless Table provides a range of sizes and model types to accommodate different sized tabletops. “With the use of a creative and witty campaign, customers now recognize the many size and height options available. One of the goals of the campaign was to better educate customers on selecting the correct size table base depending on the size of their tabletop,” says James.

Rockless Table bases are available in both bar and dining heights along with different model types: standard, T-base, and flip-top for those short on space.  This maintenance-free, “set and forget” technology not only keeps tables stable, but also eliminates the frustration faced by customers and staff having to consistently attempt to “fix unleveled tables”.

Attendees of Bar & Restaurant Expo are invited to enter the giveaway to win ten free table bases. The winner will be announced on the final day of the show at 1 pm on March 23rd at Rockless Table Booth 851. In addition, any on-site purchases will be discounted by 15%.

Visit Rockless Table at Booth 851 to learn which table base is best for you.

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Follow us, it’s worth it. @RocklessTable.

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