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Rockless Table debuts their “99 Problems” Campaign at the National Restaurant Association Show.

Restaurants Have 99 Problems But Rockless Table Self-Stabilizing Bases Eliminate The Most Common Complaint – Wobbly Tables


Chicago, IL.: Rockless Table will be debuting their “99 Problems” campaign at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, IL., May 21st-24th. Rockless is the solution for one of the most common complaints and frustrations for owners, workers, and customers alike across the restaurant and hospitality industry – the annoying wobbly table.


Rockless Table has eliminated the hassle of “fixing” this age-old problem with its revolutionary self-stabilizing technology. Buyers simply attach their tabletop to a Rockless Table base and - voila! - no more adjusting and stuffing of coasters or napkins under the table legs. Each table base consists of two steel pieces and a bolt, self-adjusts to any surface type, comes with a four-year warranty, and requires no maintenance - a true “set and forget” technology. The table bases are available in bar and dining height and provide three styles to choose from: T-base, standard, and flip-top for those short on space.


Rockless Table President, Nick James was passionate in saying, “our goal for this campaign is to acknowledge the many challenges faced by every restaurant owner and provide them with the most efficient and simple solution to one of their most frustrating problems. Stumbling blocks will continually arise in the hospitality industry, but we’re proud to make this contribution and allow them to focus their time and effort on matters more important than their annoying and uneven tables.” Rockless is confident that the elimination of wobbly tables will bring restaurant owners one step closer to resolving their other 99 problems.


Attendees of the National Restaurant Association Show will easily identify the Rockless Table team who will be clad in their “99 Problems” campaign attire. Be sure to visit the Rockless Table booth #7959 to learn more and save 15% on product orders during the show.


Your restaurant might have 99 problems, but when you Go Rockless, a wobbly table won’t be one!.


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