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Revolutionary Rockless Table Featured on the Paramount Network’s Bar Rescue as the solution to one of the most common complaints

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--There are many reasons that restaurants and bars fail. A bad location, poor food or service, and the overall atmosphere can all play a role. When it comes to atmosphere, one of the most important, yet oft-missed issues, is the table itself. Wobbly tables are among the most aggravating and common sources of complaints among bar and restaurant patrons.

Rockless Table, the revolutionary self-stabilizing restaurant table base, was recently featured on season 6 of the Paramount Network program, Bar Rescue. Bar Rescue follows Jon Taffer as he wields his three decades of experience in the restaurant, bar, and nightclub business to help give failing bars nationwide one last chance to transform themselves into profitable businesses. Rockless Table was an essential part of the featured bars’ renovations.

“Rockless Table is a great solution for an age-old problem,” said Jon Taffer. “For bars and restaurants, repeat business is the key to success, and one of the most common complaints among patrons is wobbly, unstable tables. Rockless Tables’ simple and effective technology eliminates this aggravating problem.”

Rockless Table is the result of years of research and testing. Using hydraulic-free technology, Rockless Table bases automatically adjust and stabilize to any surface with up to half-an-inch variation. The table bases come ready to serve every establishment – from casual fast food to high-end craft bar – with bar and dining heights available.

“We are thrilled that Bar Rescue featured Rockless Table as a vital part of reviving these bars,” said Rockless Table President/CEO Nick James. “Jon and his team understand that a wobbly table can ruin a night out, and they recognized that Rockless Table is a gamechanger. We are honored to have been part of the rescue of these establishments.”

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