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One of the most frustrating experiences facing restaurants, bars, and their patrons is now a thing of the past with the introduction of the a patented wobble-free, self-stabilizing, and hydraulic-free table base. The new technology solves one of the most common complaints of customers in the hospitality industry, leading to better customer and employee experiences, along with increased profits.

“At some point, everyone experiences an unsteady, wobbly table,” said Rockless Table President Nick James. “But Rockless Table solves those concerns – forever.”

With smart, uncomplicated technology, the patented pendulum base consists of two pieces of steel and a bolt, which reduces the cost by 50% or more when compared to competitors. Using hydraulic-free technology, Rockless Tables automatically adjust and stabilize to any surface with up to half-an-inch variation. Customizable, the table bases come ready to serve every hospitality establishment – from casual fast food to high-end craft bar – with bar, counter, and dining heights available.

“Rockless Table is the most extraordinary restaurant invention we have seen,” said Chris O’Malley, General Manager of Watermans Restaurant and Bar in Hermosa Beach, Calif. “Gone are the days of  constantly leveling tables and worrying about someone bumping into them and spilling drinks. It truly has improved our customer experience.”

Owners and managers of any hospitality establishment know that wobbly tables are a top customer complaint, often resulting in unhappy customer experiences and lower ratings on Yelp. In fact, according to a Harvard Business School study, one extra star on Yelp leads to a 9% revenue increase. With Rockless Table, establishments will never again suffer bad ratings due to a wobbly table.

“Rockless Table is the result of years of research and testing,” said James. “We are thrilled to bring this transformative technology to the hospitality industry.”

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