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Rockless Table to Showcase Revolutionary Wobble-Free Table at Mid-America Restaurant Expo February 23-24

Columbus, OH (February 21, 2020) – Nothing ruins a night out—or a restaurant or bar owner’s day—faster than wobbly tables. The common problem is such a prominent part of our collective consciousness that Larry David spends considerable time railing against wobbly tables in the current season of his HBO hit program, Curb Your Enthusiasm. Until recently, wobbly tables have been a constant, and unavoidable, source of aggravation for restaurant and bar owners and staff.

Rockless Table has engineered a solution to wobbly tables, and they will showcase their revolutionary self-stabilizing restaurant table bases at the Mid-America Restaurant Expo on February 23rd and 24th. The wobble-free, self-stabilizing, and hydraulic-free table base solves a top complaint of customers in the hospitality industry, leading to better experiences and increased profits. The Mid-America Restaurant Expo will beheld at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.


“Larry David is just voicing the frustration that every bar owner and manager, not to mention their patrons, experiences every day,” said Nick James, CEO and President of Rockless Table. “This simple technology solves the problem quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively. By eliminating wobbly tables, bars and restaurants can provide a much more enjoyable dining experience and dramatically improve customer satisfaction.”


Rockless Table succeeds where previous attempts to solve the problem of wobbly tables have failed. With smart, uncomplicated technology, the patented pendulum base consists of two pieces of steel anda bolt, which reduces the cost for consumers by 50% when compared to other self stabilizing tables. Using hydraulic-free technology, Rockless Table bases automatically adjust and stabilize to any surface with up to half-an-inch variation. The table bases come ready to serve every establishment – from casual fast food to high-end craft bar – with bar, dining, and T-base heights available.


To learn more about this revolutionary technology, visit the Rockless Team at Booth 930.

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