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Rockless Table News - Summer Cocktail Trends 2023: Mezcal Marvels, Low ABV Libations, and Spirit-Based RTD’s

As the summer sun shines high, the food and beverage industry has unveiled a captivating lineup of cocktail trends to keep us cool and refreshed. In this blog post, we'll delve into three exciting trends that are shaping the summer cocktail scene in 2023: the rise of mezcal cocktails, the popularity of low ABV libations, and the convenience of spirit-based Ready-to-Drink (RTD) options. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with these delightful concoctions!

Mezcal Marvels:

  • Mezcal, the smoky and complex Mexican spirit derived from agave, has emerged as the star of the summer cocktail scene. Mixologists are harnessing its unique flavor profile to create mesmerizing drinks that balance smoke, sweetness, and earthy undertones. From mezcal margaritas with a twist of grapefruit to spicy mezcal mules infused with jalapeno, these mezcal marvels offer a refreshing departure from traditional tequila-based cocktails. Prepare to embark on a smoky and adventurous journey with these spirited libations.


Low ABV Libations:

  • In recent years, the demand for low-alcohol or alcohol-free options has skyrocketed, and the trend continues to flourish. This summer, expect to find an array of low ABV libations designed to provide a lighter and more balanced drinking experience. Crafted with precision, these cocktails feature a variety of flavor profiles while keeping alcohol content in check. From sparkling spritzers infused with botanicals and fresh fruits to herbaceous mocktails with intricate layers of flavor, these low ABV options ensure that everyone can savor the joys of summer without compromising on taste or enjoyment.

Spirit-Based RTDs:

  • Ready-to-Drink (RTD) cocktails have gained immense popularity in recent years, and this summer they are making a splash with a focus on spirit-based offerings. Perfect for on-the-go enjoyment or casual gatherings, these conveniently pre-packaged libations offer a hassle-free way to indulge in premium cocktails without the need for extensive bar equipment or mixology skills. Whether it's a canned gin and tonic, a bottled Old Fashioned, or a canned vodka soda with a twist, these spirit-based RTDs are redefining convenience while maintaining the high-quality flavors and craftsmanship we expect from our favorite cocktails.

As summer heats up, the cocktail scene is buzzing with creativity and innovation. Mezcal cocktails bring a smoky and captivating twist to traditional favorites, while low ABV libations cater to those seeking a lighter and more balanced drinking experience. Simultaneously, spirit-based RTDs offer the convenience of premium cocktails in ready-to-enjoy formats. Whether you're sipping on a mezcal-infused concoction, savoring a low ABV delight, or grabbing a spirit-based RTD for a spontaneous gathering, these trends promise to elevate your summer imbibing experience. So, embrace the spirit of the season and embark on a journey of flavor exploration with these captivating summer cocktail trends of 2023. Cheers to a summer filled with delightful libations!

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